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LovAnaverse Music Universe Releases Debut Single From Symphonic Metal Artist URANIA FANTASIA


Urania Fantasia - The Arcane Muse│The Debut Single - Out Now

Urania Fantasia - The Arcane Muse

Listen now & follow Urania Fantasia here

Watch the official lyric video above

The LovAnaverse Music Universe, a project which has been described as being like the Marvel universe, but with rockstars instead of superheroes – has unveiled a brand new artist set to debut among its roster of otherworldly musical acts.

Urania Fantasia is the name, both of the artist and titular character, who performs a flamboyant and theatrical blend of symphonic metal – encapsulating the mystery and magic of the fantastical realm in which the character belongs.

Checkout the artist introduction video here

Urania Fantasia is described as an angelic, angrogynous being, also known as ‘The Arcane Muse’ – in which the debut single receives its title. The epic opus acts as the perfect introduction to the characters story and music, setting the stage for an ethereal diva unlike anything ever seen before. 

The character is embodied by British counter-tenor vocalist Pete Rawcliffe, with music composed & produced by William J. Rogers, founder of the UK based Love Anarchy Co. which creates the LovAnaverse Music Universe.

Urania Fantasia joins existing LovAnaverse artists Yarimā (Melodic Fantasy Metal with Japanese Folk Instruments) & Flavour Nurse (Progressive & Mystical Arcane Rock).

The fantastical trio of acts set the trend for many more conceptual artists from the LovAnaverse Music Universe to follow – including the outlandish Death Metal Space Opera of Black Tongue Bile.

Be sure to follow Urania Fantasia and the LovAnaverse Music Universe – the journey is only just beginning and there is so much more to come…

‘The Arcane Muse’ – the debut single by ‘Urania Fantasia’ is out now via LovAnaverse Music Universe, Subsidiary of Love Anarchy Records.

Listen now & follow Urania Fantasia here

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