“We’ve been waiting for something to blow us out of the water, something other-worldly, but we didn’t think it was going to be literally. Flavour Nurse brings what the outside universe would sound like, straight to a home near you.”
© We Sound Strange
“The quartet forges a style that is part epic power rock, part post-grunge, with nods to gothic rock icons and prog rock powerhouses. The result is a record with a sense of immensity and destiny. Orchestral grandeur with an alt-rock bounce.”
"For beings not of this world, their songwriting is top-notch, proving they’re not just another ‘Cantina Band’ content in playing for a bunch of scruffy nerf-herders on some dusty planet in a galaxy far far away. They honour us with song in our native tongue, while melting our brains with their out-of-this-world playing. We have not been treated to a group as strong as this since The Spiders From Mars last visited the planet in the mid-seventies."
© Abort Mag
"Flavour Nurse will take you on a wild ride of musical intrigue. Featuring big hooks and harmonious choruses, this band has a sweet sound that is heavy in rock with some celestial fun. If you are into a mystic of artistry and progressive rock Flavour Nurse is right up your alley."
© Eat Sleep Breathe Music
"Their self-titled album, four years in the making, is suitably bombastic, extravagant, strange, and mystical; an example of what they deem “Arcane Rock.” It’s an ambitiously dramatic and highly theatrical album that never loses focus, and the band never forgets to have a blast in the process, making the whole thing a rollercoaster of high octane fun... Like Sgt. Pepper’s if it had been recorded during the early 90s."
© The Big Takeover
"Reminiscent of Boston. crossed with Queen. with a dollop of Ghost tossed in for zest. At once elaborate and multifaceted., their music grows more and more irresistible. the more one listens to it."
"Even though it’s impossible to classify Flavour Nurses’ sound and what they do, they do it well. Whether by arcane magic or some other macabre means, Flavour Nurse crafts earworms that’ll be impossible to get out of your head once you hit play on this record."
© Screen Legion
"Flavour Nurse’s self-titled debut record brings its listeners on an emotionally relatable epic arena-progressive rock journey."
© Shock Ya!
"We like to think of this sound as the new age of David Bowie, where he brought the starman but Flavour Nurse was able to go to his planet! To put together this ensemble of sound that’s far beyond the realm of what we’re used to, it’s truly transcendent."
© Vents Magazine
Rated No.5 in the top 10 albums of 2021: “This album was a fairly recent discovery but it certainly had an infectious impact on me. This oriental fantasy metal offering captures the influence of Nightwish, Epica and Wagakki Band and is set in the fantasy LovAnaverse universe. This is really worth checking out!”
© Rock Out Stand Out
“The fictional Faewarians owe their heritage to elemental fairies and that really fits the vocal approach, because, even though the music is loud and dark and crunchy, she's fundamentally light and airy and melodic. She often sings like a waterfall sings, which makes this peaceful and pastoral, like a voice you might listen to while contemplating life in a Japanese garden. It's a palatable sort of eastern infused metal exotica, as translated into an alien universe. As a puzzle piece in a worldbuilding effort, this is admirable.”
© Apocalypse Later Music
Yarimā Kuro is an artist of enormous level. Her privileged voice is the total protagonist of all the compositions, as in “My Reality” and the spectacular “Life and Death”. She has released a truly moving album that is enjoyed from start to finish without any problems.”
"Unlike a lot of oriental ideas which rely heavily upon ‘kawaii’, ‘OwO’ or an overload on cuteness, ‘The Strings of Fate’ is much more expansive as Yarimā’s voice ethereally flutters through tracks such as ‘Be the Dragon’, ‘My Reality’ and the absolutely beautiful ‘Like a Flower Petal’. All this is summed up in a wonderful replayable production that implores the listener to continue to explore this concept and before knowing, you will find yourself wrapped up in the Dima Faewarian and the lands of the Eyvarla Kingdom."
© Metal Digest