Podcast E7

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In this episode of Creating A Universe, I chat to Sopranista Pete Rawcliffe about our brand new release together, Urania Fantasia – The Arcane Muse. We discuss some of the process behind creating the character and song for the latest artist from the LovAnaverse Music Universe, as well as chatting about Pete’s personal trajectory as an artist and singer. We got into some great topics, as well as some deeper, personal stories from Pete that I found very moving. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope you do as much when listening to it!

Be sure to check out our latest release together. All links related to Urania Fantasia & The Arcane Muse can be found here.

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:30 How we met & started Urania Fantasia
06:46 Overview of Pete’s story & the projects he’s involved in
10:36 Pete’s strategy – singing on Instagram & networking
17:06 Community, championing other artists & what it takes to make it
23:09 Pete’s unique vocal profile as a male soprano
30:48 Writing ‘The Arcane Muse’ for Pete’s voice & the dynamics involved
34:17 The deeper meaning behind Pete’s debut single ‘Locked Away’
41:34 Creating the concept & lyrics for ‘The Arcane Muse’ and the organic emotion involved
48:40 The powerful meaning of stories & it’s place in the field of music
52:46 Inspiration from ‘The Queen of The Night’ / opera & classical music
01:08:48 Segue into comparing classical with metal / the philosophy of ‘progressive’ music
01:14:31 Final thoughts & wrapping up the episode

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