Podcast E6

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On this episode of Creating A Universe, I’m back with another solo episode to provide with you some very exciting updates regarding the LovAnaverse Music Universe. As well as getting into all of the new things we have coming during the first half of this episode, I also give some updates from my personal life, including sharing some of the things that are working for me at the moment – which hopefully you will be able to benefit from. We’ll be back in two weeks with a very special guest, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this solo episode! ❤

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
00:45 Overview of LovAnaverse
01:22 What we’ve done so far (Yarimā & Flavour Nurse)
02:38 The teased & upcoming project Black Tongue Bile
03:27 BIG UPDATE 1: News about a brand new artist
04:32 The new era of LovAnaverse
05:30 BIG UPDATE 2: Re-branding LovAnaverse with a new look
06:11 Working with Lindsay Schoolcraft as a mentor
08:30 The evolution of our character design and move into illustrated art
10:01 Hiring a visual artist for LovAnaverse
11:24 BIG UPDATE 3: A new video series that will provide a far more immersive experience
16:00 Behind the scenes content coming from Love Anarchy
17:19 The Love Anarchy / LovAnaverse community
19:10 Personal life updates, progress on mindset & daily living
19:59 The compound effect of positive behaviors / habits
21:27 My morning routine
23:43 Balancing work & family as a father
25:12 Reading lots of books / listening to audio-books
28:30 Information diet – education to entertainment ratio
30:16 Smoking a tobacco pipe & the rest of my day
32:17 A summary of the personal topics discussed
33:58 Closing sentiments for the episode

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  1. Low on data will watch later when have more. From what seen have enjoyed hearing about new Artists and music coming in.

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