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On this episode I’m joined by Wana White, lead singer of the Cyber Pop Rock duo ‘Ardenite’. The Austrian band from Vienna have been making strides recently, releasing regular singles & music videos whilst building a tight knit community on social media. It was there, on Instagram, that Wana and I got talking – it was clear we had a lot in common and I became very curious about the band’s story and all that they have going on. Naturally, I had to get Wana on the podcast to talk about it – and I’m so glad that I did! We chatted about lots of things and there are certainly some important lessons and takeaways here for anyone looking to follow a similar path. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope that you enjoy listening to it!

Check out the bands website to find and follow them on social media here.

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:00 Wana’s story & forming Ardenite
04:20 Ardenite’s style and how it all came to be
07:50 The band’s first single/demo ‘Love Drug Addict’
08:40 Soul searching, becoming a duo & finding their sound
11:38 Being authentic as an artist
14:18 Embracing all aspects of art & business
19:00 Elaborating on how Ardenite found their sound
24:50 The division of roles between the duo and their creative/production process
32:12 Social media and overcoming insecurities, how Wana challenged herself to do a daily Vlog
38:20 Creating community online, making meaningful connections and supporting other artists
49:13 Music marketing, strategy & helpful resources
56:17 Mindset, perfectionism & seeing the bigger picture
01:06:41 The power of catalogue as an artist
01:15:09 Engaging with the community & the magic of the internet
01:18:49 Ardenite’s live performance situation
01:23:08 How the band make their music videos
01:24:34 Where to find Ardenite, their music & merchandise
01:27:27 Wrapping up & closing sentiments

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