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On this episode we are getting a real behind the scenes look at the development of the LovAnaverse TCG, with some exclusive previews of characters and cards, as well as fundamental information about the project not yet shared before this podcast.

Perhaps the most important of which is the unveiling of the 5 primary factions, which each represent a distinct philosophy regarding the supernatural power of music in our universe. From the musical magic of the Arcane faction, to the musical science of Cysis, all are introduced and explored during this episode – and we would love to know which resonate with you the most!

We also recap the first ever playtesting event and provide key updates on the overall project, including the fact that you can now officially create game rooms on our playtesting platform at this link here

Feel free to simply browse around and flick through the cards, or watch along with the last episode to learn how to play. Or better yet, share your games room link with a friend to play a game! Feel free to pop into our Discord to find people to play with and use our games room voice channels. More events will be coming very soon!

Among the cards and characters previewed this time around are the 3 on this videos thumbnail, Ben Sebastian of Face Ripper Records demon monk character Tai Kaanai, Louis Nas of Ominous Conclusions cosmic vampire Viktor Craft, & of course Maria Rogers samurai elf Yarimā Kuro.

We discuss some of the lore of these characters and take a look at their cards, including those of their support characters such as band members and foot soldiers. It’s a great insight into how everything is ultimately driven by the musical storytelling.

So all in all lots to chew on and tie you over to the next big development. They’re coming thick and fast and things will be lifting off here very soon. It’s awesome to have you here early, so thanks for being here for the ride. Enjoy 🙂

WJR ❤️


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00:33 – Introduction, updates & our first playtesting event

02:16 – How you can test the game for yourself right now

07:33 – Updates on submissions and the limited slots available

10:30 – Unveiling the 5 Factions of LovAnaverse

27:11 – Deckbuilding / how you choose the Songs in your Songbook

30:12 – Deckbuilding / how to choose your starting Band

31:23 – Character & card previews / Yarima Kuro

38:09 – Tai Kaanai (Ben Sebastian) & Viktor Craft (Louis Nas)

42:36 – The upcoming (revamped) lore website

44:35 – Browsing through a bunch of cards

46:26 – Summary & closing thoughts

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