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On this episode I am joined by guitarist/vocalist, PR agent & heavy metal doctor to be – Holly Frances Royle of Disconnected Souls.

Holly is a multi-talented individual with many facets to what she does, which made for a very interesting conversation indeed! We happened to catch her at an especially great time though, off the back of the debut album release from her band Disconnected Souls, Fragments of Consciousness – an emphatic Cinematic Metal record with elements of Industrial, Gothic & Modern Metal at it’s core.

As well as delving into all things Disconnected Souls, we also got to chat about Holly’s other projects, including her side project Sensory Enigma and her work in metal music PR with both C Squared & Deviate PR.

An especially intriguing topic is the PHD Holly is currently undertaking in Heavy Metal – with a fascinating angle studying the humanities of the culture, with a special focus on equality.

All of these great topics, alongside the usual bits about Holly’s story & musical journey made for a thoroughly enjoyable conversation on my end. I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much!

WJR ❤️


Check out Holly’s band Disconnected Souls here & check out Holly’s other links here 

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:04 – Overview

02:14 – Disconnected Souls Sound

05:30 – Collaborative Writing

09:20 – The Wandering Spirit Concept

13:41 – Politics, Creativity & Development

17:11 – Writing & Production Process

27:50 – The Bands Story & Playing Live

31:43 – How Holly Found Her Voice

35:14 – Sensory Enigma & Other Projects

38:10 – Musical Journey & Influences

48:39 – Holly’s Relationship With Guitar

54:29 – Heavy Metal PHD & Equality in the Culture

01:22:22 – Music PR, C Squared & Deviate PR

01:28:20 – Holly’s Ideal Future

01:32:20 – Advice to Musicians & Creators

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