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On this episode I am joined by composer, solo artist & mastermind behind the Golden World Archive metal opera series, William Khan.

Will is a fantastic musician and storyteller from Vigo, in the north of Spain, working as a composer & producer especially adept in the field of orchestration.

As such, Will spends a lot of his time in the field of Soundtrack composing, for media such as film & video games. But as a metalhead at heart, he is naturally drawn to the grandiosity of Symphonic Metal.

Whether it be in his purely orchestral music, or his larger than life metal, a key theme that ties together his approach is an unrelenting passion for storytelling.

So naturally, inspired by the likes of Ayreon, Will chose the format of the Rock/Metal Opera for his magnum opus: Golden World Archive. A project with it’s own rich universe of lore featuring a diverse cast of talented performers, including the likes of Pete Rawcliffe, Archie Caine & Laura Maz.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to delve deep into all of these topics with Will in the podcast and I hope you enjoy listening 🙂

WJR ❤️ 


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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

02:00 – Overview of Will & His Projects

11:29 – Composing Soundtracks for Film & Video Games

23:50 – Musical Storytelling & Rock/Metal Opera

29:07 – How to Compose a Metal Opera / The Process of Golden World Archive

59:02 – Will’s Musical Journey & Influences

1:26:43 – Will’s Interests Outside of Music / Storytelling, Art & Video Games

1:32:08 – What’s Coming Up From Will / The LovAnaverse Approach

1:42:20 – Final Thoughts & Closing Sentiments

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