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On this episode I am joined once again by the enigmatic Mr. Ben Sebastian, extreme metal musician, reviewer & the newly found father of Face Ripper Records!

It’s such a pleasure to have Ben as the first ever return guest on the podcast and my has he been busy since we last spoke on episode 9, with his passion and drive for providing a platform to support up and coming metal bands evolving all the way from a podcast into a record label.

Face Ripper Records has barely been alive a month at the time of recording and what Ben has managed to achieve in this time is truly extraordinary, with the label already boasting 17 artists on it’s roster, momentum is well and truly on their side.

Ben’s community centered ethos is the driving force behind the initiative, which operates more as a not-for-profit hub to support artists than it does a traditional record label. Artist’s retain 100% ownership of their work and revenue and may come and go as they please.

It’s been such an honor to be even just on the periphery of this, helping Ben build out his Face Ripper Records website/funnel ecosystem on our Love Anarchy Entrepreneur marketing platform. He’s done phenomenally well with it in such a short amount of time, so naturally I encourage you to check out the website and sign up to get your free label sampler at faceripperrecords.com 🤘

In the meantime, check out the episode! We delved deep into the role of record labels in this day and age, but also, naturally a lot about the underlying philosophy and ethos of it all. Hopefully a lot there for you to find value in. Enjoy!

WJR ❤️


Check out Face Ripper Records, sign up and get you free sampler here

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:10 – Overview of Ben & Face Ripper Records

07:40 – Mental Health & Community In Music

20:10 – Music Industry, Record Labels & Creating Community

57:50 – Ben’s Marketing Strategy & Experience With Our LAE Software Service

01:11:55 – Ben’s Solo Music

01:15:48 – Closing Sentiments

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