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On this episode I am joined by multi-faceted metal maestro Mr. Tom De Wit – frontman of the Progressive Metal band Dreamwalkers Inc, head of the not-for-profit Record Label Layered Reality Productions, and a prolific solo artist under the moniker of TDW.

Tom joins us from his home studio in the Netherlands to delve deep into all manner of topics, not only in relation to his work, but throughout the music industry and beyond.

It’s an exciting time to catch him, fresh off the back of the release of the brand new Dreamwalkers Inc album ‘The First Tragedy of Klahera’ – a huge double disc concept album with immense scale & phenomenal execution.

As such, I got to go deep with Tom about one of my favourite topics – musical storytelling – in which he really gave an absolute masterclass about how to approach it. Not only did he break down his frameworks for writing & producing such a record, he also spoke in great depth about how to collaborate with others, with a special focus on doing so remotely.

This was followed by fantastic discussions on music production, record labels, and of course Tom’s musical journey. We finished off with a very moving section about self-reflection, mental health, lessons & philosophy.

An epic episode for sure, I personally got a lot of takeaways from this one, and I hope that you do too. Enjoy!

WJR ❤️


You can check out Tom’s solo work here the band here & the label here

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

05:22 – Overview of Tom & His Projects

09:51 – Tom’s Musical Style

16:02 – The Creative Vision of Dreamwalkers Inc

23:12 – Musical Storytelling & The Concept of Klahera

34:11 – Remote Collaboration Masterclass

56:21 – Writing/Production Process & Discussion

1:04:53 – Mixing & Mastering Discussion

1:23:20 – Layered Reality Productions (Tom’s Label)

1:40:00 – Tom’s Musical Journey

1:48:03 – Relationship to Playing Live

1:53:52 – Self Reflection, Lessons & Philosophy

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