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On this episode I am joined by the multi-talented Scottish musician Bryan Ramage, of the Progressive Metal band Ramage Inc 🤘

Bryan describes himself first and foremost as a producer, working out of his purpose built studio, recording, mixing & mastering everything himself. As well as being phenomenally skilled in this department, Bryan is also an exceptional vocalist, guitarist & songwriter.

The band, Ramage Inc, initially began as a solo project – releasing the debut album ‘Universe’ all the way back in 2004. After picking up some traction online, Bryan decided to form a proper line-up for the band, which has been definitive ever since – journeying through many albums, tours & notable appearances at the likes of ProgPower & Bloodstock Festival.

The latest addition to this immense catalogue is none other than the brand new studio album ‘Humanity Has Failed’ – in which the band have seriously kicked things up to a whole other level of dark, sophisticated & epic. Absolutely not to be missed by fans of Devin Townsend – who’s pronounced influence blends with tones of alt-rock, as well as influences such as Soundgarden & Gojira. It’s quite the sonic cocktail indeed!

Dealing with themes of Misanthropy, fueled by the cathartic purging of dark energy during the pandemic, Humanity Has Failed is a hard hitting record that will take you to the depths. But it is not without hope, & the duality makes for a truly special listening experience.

Check it out, alongside this podcast of course, and let us know what you think 🙂

WJR ❤️


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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:02 – Overview of Bryan & Ramage Inc

02:00 – The Bands Sound & Influences

08:15 – The History of Ramage Inc

20:32 – Lyrical Themes & Musical Expression

31:23 – Bryan’s Writing & Production Process

44:17 – Bryan’s Studio, Mixing & Drums With Dimmu Borgir’s Kit

01:00:20 – Producing An Album & Massive Vocal Arrangements

01:07:01 – Bryan’s Approach to Producing Other Bands

01:11:16 – Bryan’s Musical Journey

01:26:54 – Music Chat, Devin Townsend, Lady Gaga, Metal & Beyond

01:37:42 – What’s Next for Bryan & Ramage Inc

01:38:33 – Bryan’s Kraken Guitar Tone & Navigating a Dense Mix

01:46:35 – Bryan’s Advice to Other Musicians

01:47:49 – Closing Sentiments

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