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On this episode I’m joined by my good friend, Electro Pop Rock Singer Songwriter Arron Sans. Arron and I go way back, as we used to gig together with our bands back in the day – but Arron’s story goes far beyond the times we shared together. Making a name for himself as a rock frontman throughout his youth, Arron already had a wealth of experience by the time we had met. Since then he’s stripped things back and taken a more DIY approach as a singer songwriter, creating introspective songs as rich in depth as they are upbeat, catchy & accessible. We find Arron at a very exciting point in his trajectory, as he’s just about to release his debut solo album ‘Print On Demand’ via Love Anarchy Records. We talk about the album, as well as all of Arron’s story up until this point so far. It’s a great adventure and I hope you enjoy listening to it!

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:15 Arron’s Overview of who he is and what he’s doing
05:20 Arron’s live show
09:00 The beginning of Arron’s musical journey as a child
11:14 Joining his first band (The Adored) at university
17:45 Run in with Virgin Records
21:30 Re-branding as ‘Freedom High’ and moving to London
26:00 Gorilla street gigs and hustling in the big city
28:30 Dancing on the edge of success and the inevitable turmoil
34:03 Transitioning the band into ‘Call Me Animal’
37:05 Reaching new highs & the straw that broke the camels back
39:27 Clarifying the evolution of Freedom High to Call Me Animal
43:35 Meeting Vinnie Minotto and forming Panic Island
47:30 Meeting Producer Paul Tipler and recording the first Panic Island EP
54:05 Parting ways with bassist Terry, who had been with Arron through all 4 bands
58:38 The big push with Panic Island, it’s peaks and it’s troughs
01:08:10 Us meeting and my take on Panic Island
01:14:09 Panic Island music videos
01:17:50 Character, egos and the early Love Anarchy community
01:29:24 Arron’s transition to going solo
01:33:35 The downfall of band-life and re-evaluation of our ways
01:40:36 Harnessing creativity / collaborating with Belenchuk
01:44:26 Narrative, meaning & the depth within Arron’s otherwise ‘light’ music
01:51:11 Growth, mindset & evolution
01:52:40 Recording ‘Print On Demand’ with Paul Tipler (Arron’s debut album)
01:55:09 Looping back to growth, mindset & evolution
02:00:07 Working together – releasing the debut album on Love Anarchy Records
02:04:15 Reflecting on the journey / Arron meeting his wife Polina Belenchuk
02:09:36 Closing sentiments, where to find Arron and the ‘Print on Demand’ album release

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