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Welcome back to a very special episode of Creating A Universe – a rare solo episode designed to help the musicians, artists & creative entrepreneurs among us to revolutionise our creative careers!

This short, solo episode offers something of a crash course, teaching you the 5 key pillars you need to build & monetize a fan base online. And we’re not just talking about the usual stuff either… I’ve really looked to go straight for the jugular here and focus on the most impactful aspect that no one is talking about:

Creating a marketing funnel which will nurture a highly targeted audience, introducing them to your work with a unique and personalised experience, then converting them into a paying customer and a loyal fan.

All on auto-pilot, no less!

This is the most cost effective, measurable & scalable approach out there – yet the majority of us creators seem to be missing a trick. So I put this together to share with you the most impactful strategy, alongside an overview of each of the most important aspects of your business.

Naturally I also couldn’t help myself but get a little philosophical about the duality of Creative Entrepreneurship, and why I believe it represents the balance we all need in order to find success…

And of course the episode tops off with 2 major announcements!

1) The Free Course which goes into much more depth on this topic. I spent months working on this and really feel it’s the best free resource out there!

2) The unveiling of our brand new branch: Love Anarchy Entrepreneur. A digital marketing agency offering a bespoke software service for musicians, artists & creative entrepreneurs. Providing all the tools, knowledge & support you need to succeed in your creative career.

You can check out both of these things by going to e.loveanarchy.co – be sure to check out the podcast for more info! Enjoy 🙂

WJR ❤️


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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

03:16 – First Announcement: The Free Course

05:35 – Second Announcement: Love Anarchy Entrepreneur

07:57 – The Philosophy of Creative Entrepreneurship

12:40 – The 5 Pillars of Your Online Creative Business:

12:50 – Pillar 1: Why You Need a Website

14:22 – Pillar 2: Why You Need a Shop

15:35 – Pillar 3: Briefly Touching on Social Media

16:13 – Pillar 4: The Revolution of Digital Advertising

20:42 – Pillar 5: Funnels & Automation – The Ultimate Secret Weapon

30:39 – Summary & Closing Sentiments

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