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On this episode I am joined by holistic guitar virtuoso Mr. Chris Johnson, instrumental guitarist under The Tiger Loves Jazz & host of the Toned and Toneful Podcast ❤️

Chris is a wonderful musician and all around human being hailing from sunny California. I must say that I’m personally a huge fan of his podcast Toned and Toneful, and as such this episode feels like a long time coming!

Chris has largely established himself in the world of boutique guitars, working for brands such as Mayones & Anderson, most prominently performing as an artist rep at a lot of the NAMM shows.

His solo music has been a long time coming, but for a taste of what Chris can do, I hugely encourage you to check out Silver Skin by Oceans In Silhouette – the video on YouTube is an especially wonderful showcase of the incredible musicality of Chris & his good friend Ben McSherry.

As well as being a top tier dynamic, emotive & passionate guitar player – Chris is an all round student of life, taking a special interest in topics such as health, spirituality & even body building!

His Toned and Toneful podcast provides a series of topical meditations covering holistic topics geared specifically towards musicians and creatives. From the likes of dealing with perfectionism to finding your tribe, telling your story to finding content and happiness in life.

I’m a huge fan of the show and have personally found it to be an immensely valuable & insightful resource. Chris’ positive energy and community ethos is something infinitely inspiring to me and so it was such a pleasure to get to have him on the show. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did 🙂

WJR ❤️


You can check out Chris @TheTigerLovesJazz  & the Toned & Toneful Podcast @tonedandtoneful

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:04 – Overview of what Chris does

02:22 – Chris’ approach to playing guitar

08:15 – Chris’ musical/guitar journey

18:58 – Chris’ musical style

22:41 – Recording & production process

27:43 – Authenticity & being yourself as a musician

33:12 – Music as a means of communication / connecting with your tribe

46:24 – Channeling music & the death of ego

57:01 – Letting go of the need to control / communication & ego continued

01:07:34 – The Toned and Toneful Podcast / holistic discussion

01:39:29 – Diet, health, being content with life

01:46:50 – Chris’ routine / day to day life

02:05:23 – The upcoming EP & closing sentiments

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