Podcast E36

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On this episode I am joined by both Scarlette & Stanstle of the US Alternative Progressive Metal Band TimeScar 🤘

The dual fronted band hailing from Colorado boast a uniquely heavy & melodic sound, one which feels somewhat rooted in Alternative Metal, but with lots of Progressive elements – most notably the frequent use of odd time signatures.

There are also shades of Metalcore & Melodic Death Metal in there, reminiscent of bands like In Flames, sprinkled with a touch of the Gothic/Symphonic sensibility of Within Temptation & Lacuna Coil.

Overall it makes for a very compelling and interesting sound that they have made very much their own over an excellent handful of singles released so far – not to mention their fantastic green screen music videos which they make themselves!

What’s most admirable to me from getting to chat with these guys is the absolutely wonderful sense of teamwork & comradery they have with each other. It’s really like a family 🙂

Even outside of rehearsing 3 or 4 times a week, they’re going to gigs together, or hitting the gym. These guys are seriously dedicated and the chemistry between them is so inspiring to see!

TimeScar are really championing a DIY approach and each member wears a lot of hats. I think there’s a lot we can all take from these guys about how to approach being in a band, and it was such a pleasure to uncover some of that chatting with them in this episode. I hope you enjoy!

WJR ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:07 – Overview of Stanstle, Scarlette & TimeScar

03:05 – TimeScar’s Sound & Influences

31:40 – Writing & Production Process

45:00 – Making DIY Music Videos with CG

52:39 – How TimeScar Got Together & The Band Dynamic

01:07:48 – Managing The Challenge of Odd Time

01:12:34 – Scarlette’s Bass Journey

01:21:01 – Stanstle’s Approach to Music

01:28:00 – Stanstle’s Musical Journey

01:35:30 – Scarlette’s Musical Journey

01:44:40 – Playing Live

01:49:00 – Interests Outside of Music

01:50:24 – Final Thoughts & Closing Sentiments

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