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On this episode I am joined by the multi-faceted Canadian metalhead, Mr. Tom McKay – a vocalist multi-instrumentalist and host of The Metal Robot Podcast & Reviews.

Tom is a lively character and a natural comedian, such an entertaining guy to listen to and a master of cartoon worthy voices. It’s no surprise that he has a career in Radio, which bleeds in lovingly to his bombastic production for both The Metal Robot Podcast & Reviews.

I’ve been following Tom for a while and absolutely love the work he does with The Metal Robot. He’s also got to chat to a fair few of our guests from this show also, cut together with some really awesome segments, skits & radio style effects and jingles. It’s awesome!

But as well as being a fantastic content creator and supporter of the metal community, Tom is an incredible vocalist and musician himself, most prominently releasing his solo EP ‘Call to the Dæmon Sultan’ in 2022.

The record features the likes of Nathan Gross & Lindsay Schoolcraft and is a sort of Blackened Symphonic Death Metal kind of sound with melodic sensibility – hugely recommended for fans of Opeth!

Tom has also featured on other projects, most prominently those of my friend & collaborator Guilherme Adriano, such as  @homoiousios  &  @TheGeeJ  – in which he has contributed some seriously awesome guttural vocals 🤘

We got to chat about all this and lots more, from the crossover of metal music & video games, to the darkness of living with ADHD. All in all it made for a fascinating episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

WJR ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:11 – Overview of Tom & his projects

03:55 – Tom’s Solo Project / Musical Style

12:15 – How Tom became a metalhead

19:52 – Avenged Sevenfold / Metal & Video Games

33:58 – How Tom got into creating his own music

37:45 – The Metal Robot & Content Creation (Gaming/Reaction Channels, YouTubers, Ethics, Fair Use, Content Consumers & more).

58:54 – Expanding into a Podcast / How to Manage the Workload

1:10:55 – Tom’s Radio Career & How it Inspires His Content

1:29:49 – Tom’s Harsh Vocals

1:32:36 – Call to the Dæmon Sultan (EP) & The Darkness of ADHD

1:50:06 – The Future, Wrapping Up & Closing Sentiments

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