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On this episode I am joined by both Charlotte and Matt of the US Symphonic Metal Band Terminal Dusk.

The band hail from Portland, Oregon and recently released their debut EP ‘Marionette’ following their first few singles released in 2022 – and with this effort have well and truly established themselves on the scene.

Terminal Dusk have a wonderfully accessible Symphonic Metal sound and a tight package. I wasn’t surprised to find that the two primary co-creators here like to draw from both metal and pop.

Getting to sit down with both Charlotte and Matt was a wonderful experience, it’s not often I speak to two people at once and it ended up making for quite a unique and interesting episode!

I loved seeing the stark contrast in some ways between the two of them, almost like the sun and the moon 😄

Matt taught me some very interesting things about music production and the tools out there on the market right now, we got to nerd out a bit there and he also shared his great love for the outdoors.

Charlotte on the other hand loves geek culture, preferring to stay in with anime & video games. She prefers a non-technical creative approach where she let’s the lyrics and melody’s flow.

Charlotte also shared with us a very unique musical journey that had her singing professionally from the age of 6!

Lot’s of cool stuff to check out here. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did chatting with these guys 🙂

WJR ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:14 – Matt Gives An Overview Of Terminal Dusk

04:12 – Charlotte On How She Came To Join The Band

07:42 – The Sound & Influences Of Terminal Dusk

11:44 – Matt’s Part of the Process / Discussion on VST’s & AI

21:51 – Charlotte’s Part of the Process

25:27 – How Matt & Charlotte Collaborate & The Bands Overall Process

35:46 – What’s Next For The Band

37:19 – Charlotte’s Musical Journey

45:44 – Matt’s Musical Journey

58:33 – Creating Marionette & The Video

01:02:20 – Charlotte’s Interests Outside The Band / Discussing Anime

01:08:32 – Matt’s Interests Outside The Band

01:15:53 – Closing Thoughts & Final Sentiment

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