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On this episode I am joined by the wonderful Laura Mazard, frontwoman of the French Progressive Symphonic Metal band Oïkoumen.

Laura is a truly cultured and creative individual with a great deal of fascinating knowledge to share.

This is reflected in the music of Oïkoumen, who released their debut album ‘Dystopia’ in 2022 – establishing their unique take on Symphonic Metal, one which is quirky, creative & somewhat dabbling in the avant garde.

In the episode Laura speaks of creating a ‘broken’ sound, which reflects the visceral themes of challenging and unstable emotions in their music. It’s a fascinating perspective and I truly admire the bands artistic approach with it.

Laura also works as an art historian and tour guide in and around Paris, creating all kinds of unique experiences for a diverse range of clientele. A particular specialty of hers is ancient music (medieval, etc) where she also incorporates her singing voice.

All of this (and much more!) makes for a fascinating conversation which absolutely flew by for me! I certainly thoroughly enjoyed it myself and hope that you do listening to it too 🙂

WJR ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:04 – The name Oïkoumen

02:45 – Overview of Laura & her projects

04:15 – Everything Oïkoumen (music, creative process, etc)

43:00 – Nightwish segue into Laura’s musical journey

01:02:56 – Laura’s career as an art historian & tour guide

01:13:39 – Paris, London, travelling & video games

01:29:51 – Closing thoughts & final sentiments

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