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On this episode I am joined by the wonderful Judith Ehreke – a lyric mezzo soprano vocalist from Germany and front-woman of the Melodic Symphonic Metal band ‘Unsoulicited’.

The band recently released their debut album ‘Reflections’ on March 31st 2023 – which features Judith’s voice alongside other star performers such as Herbie Langhans.

It’s a wonderful journey of an album, for the most part very melodic and accessible, often leaning more towards rock than metal. However it does have it’s harsh & heavy moments, all in all making for a very nice dynamic on the album.

Judith’s very pure and theatrical vocal takes centre stage and she really has such a wonderful tone to her voice! We spoke all about vocals, including the healing powers of singing, as well as her musical journey, the band & the fantastic singing community she is also a part of. All this and so much more!

It was a real pleasure to chat with Judith and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did 🙂

WJR ❤️

Follow Judith on Instagram @niamhgoldenhair & check out the Unsoulicited Website here

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

02:05 – Meet Judith

03:04 – About Unsoulicited

19:25 – Finding A Sound

23:09 – Judith’s Musical Journey

27:52 – Vocal Therapy

34:52 – Judith’s Musical Journey (Cont’d)

48:55 – Songwriting Process

54:29 – Judith’s Musical Journey (Cont’d)

1:06:52 – Final Thoughts

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