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On this episode, I am joined by my good friends Alex & Scott of the London Rock duo LEONTAS. We go way back and used to gig together all the time with Flavour Nurse, they’re really great guys full of talent, releasing a lot of fantastic music alongside their highly entertaining live shows. We discuss the band’s story from the very beginning up until the present day, breaking down their production process and getting a look into the meanings behind their songs – as well as addressing the challenges and virtues of making music as a two piece.

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:58 Overview of the LEONTAS story & how they got together
04:19 Alex’s unique guitar sound / the challenges of being a two piece / the bands style and approach
12:05 The bands high energy live show & instinctual bond
15:45 Making their first EP / Demo
24:03 When we met on the London gig scene / the early Love Anarchy community
30:23 Leveling up the bands music production with Stand Out & Now
34:52 Releasing Rhythm & Blues / Me meeting my wife at the release show
37:37 Scott’s multi-instrumental stage setup
40:25 Getting experimental on ‘Pick Me Up’ / the bands favourite live sound guy
44:00 ‘Alive’ and working with a producer on this run of tracks
45:13 ‘Darkened Heart’ / How the band had to change & adapt during lockdown
49:29 Alex becoming a producer / ‘Black Magic’ & taking a more DIY approach
53:51 What it takes to be an independent artist now
57:15 The next run of songs, self produced and mixed externally
01:01:02 Cobzar – the story of the bands most emotional song
01:08:45 The unplugged session – showing a different side with a jazz pianist
01:14:03 ‘925’ and the upcoming EP
01:16:35 The bands ‘Phase 1’ CD, website & merch
01:18:30 Where to find the band, upcoming gigs and what’s next for LEONTAS

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