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On this episode I am joined by none other than the Power Metal Ranger – everyone’s favourite YouTuber from the realm of Power Metal 🤘😁

Ranger is known for his passionate and honest reviews of everything Power/Symphonic & AOR adjacent – primarily through his first time reaction videos, which have become a beloved staple to the release campaign of bands in the scene, as well as of course the thriving community of fans who come to his channel to discover new music.

What’s especially great is that Ranger goes out of his way to feature tonnes of new and upcoming artists, a real service to the scene. I myself have discovered many new bands through those featured on his channel and that’s really a wonderful thing for everyone involved!

He also hosts a very similar series to this one on his channel called ‘Ranger Talks’, where he really does a fantastic job of creating an open space for an artist to express themselves. We share a lot of philosophy in this regard and it was such a pleasure to get to chat with him all about it.

Not only is he such a great champion for the wider community, he’s also a deeply interesting character with a lot going on beneath the surface. To get a glimpse of that in this episode was a real treat, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording it 🙂

WJR ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:58 – Meet Power Metal Ranger

05:54 – Getting Nostalgic

16:48 – React Channel 101

50:55 – Other Content

56:41 – Release Schedules

59:20 – Format and Approaches

1:34:41 – The ULTIMATE Pet Peave

1:44:37 – Final Thoughts

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