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This episode I am joined by the sensational French maestro Adrien Djouadou, an incredible composer, producer & all around musical powerhouse.

He is the mastermind behind the music for Phoebus The Knight, a conceptual Symphonic Power Metal band set to the incredible world penned by the bands lead vocalist and lyricist Axel de Montalembert.

Throughout the bands discography and live performances, we follow Phoebus and The Knights of Heliopolis throughout a fantastical take on human history to confront an evil vampire lord known as ‘The Beast’.

Such wonderful craft goes into the creation of Phoebus The Knight and it was such a pleasure to get the chance to sit down with Adrien to delve deep on his process.

Adrien is also one half of Power Metal Duo ‘Hartlight’ – alongside his wonderfully talented wife and Phoebus bass player Noémie Allet. Here he plays a Producer/Instrumentalist role, whilst Noémie takes centre stage as the Singer/Songwriter.

And if all that wasn’t enough – Adrien’s day job is as a bass opera singer! How amazing is that? I was lucky to get to chat with him about all of these topics and hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording it 🙂

WJR ❤️

Check out Phoebus the Knight’s links here

And Hartlight on social media @hartlight_music & on Bandcamp here

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:31 – Meet Adrien

02:05 – About Phoebus The Knight

06:32 – About Hartlight

24:16 – The Story Behind Phoebus

45:39 – Releasing Music

49:34 – The Recording Process

1:02:05 – Playing With ETWAS

1:09:03 – Touring

1:11:52 – Adrien’s Musical Journey

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