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On this episode I am joined by the wonderful Victoria of French Blackened Symphonic Metal Band ETWAS.

The band have a dark and infectious sound which has been described as ‘Epica meets Cradle of Filth’, with Victoria delivering fantastic dual vocals split between her angelic lyric soprano voice and her harsh blackened growls.

The band explore and present dark, gothic & occult themes, which perfectly merge with the music to create an enchanting experience.

Victoria also discusses what drew her to these themes and how she was also called a witch – although despite her attraction to everything dark, she is a warm and affectionate person, perhaps best portrayed by the adorable crochet baphomet’s she produces by hand. You have to see them on the ETWAS socials!

I really enjoyed this one and hope you do too 🙂

WJR ❤️


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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:36 – Meet Victoria

07:00 – Describing Her Sound

20:49 – Victoria’s Musical Journey

33:38 – A Conversation About Genre

43:24 – Learning Vocal Techniques

53:58 – Performing Live

59:34 – The EP That Isn’t On Streaming Platforms

1:06:10 – Production Process

1:18:15 – Next Steps

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