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On this episode I am joined by theatrical metal vocalist Archie Caine, who joins me from the opposite end of the UK in the south coastal town of Brighton. Archie is a fantastic vocalist who has been making a name for himself in the realm of Symphonic Metal music over the last couple of years. His debut solo album ‘Tommy and the Angels’ is a wonderful concept record that came out in 2022 and I myself have listened to it many times over. It’s wonderfully accessible and melodic music with a compelling story, spearheaded by Archie’s sensational voice, alongside jaw dropping performances by guest vocalists Dianne van Giersbergen and Damian Wilson. Archie has also appeared on metal opera’s such as Will Khan’s Golden World Archive and Gideon Ricardo’s Woods of Wonders. Most recently he has been announced as the new frontman of Fairyland. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to have this chat with Archie, I hope you enjoy it too ❤️

You can check out Archie’s website here & find him on socials @archie.caine

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

00:46 – Meet Archie

03:46 – Behind ‘Tommy & The Angels’

15:46 – The Story Of The Album

16:47 – Casting

19:12 – Founding A New Genre

21:34 – Collaborator Backgrounds

27:30 – Writing Parts With Dianne and Damian In Mind

31:00 – Working With Adrian

32:40 – The Live Band

35:29 – Archie’s Musical Journey

1:03:05 – Golden World Archive

1:07:22 – Fairyland

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