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In this episode I am joined by the multi-talented German metal musician & producer Mr. Danny Meyer – who joins me from his illustrious Sunway Studios to talk all things music, production & life. Danny is first and foremost a wonderful musician himself, as lead vocalist and guitarist of the ‘Rebel Metal’ band Oversense. As the principal songwriter and producer for the band since 2012, Danny has learned a great deal from his experiences and since extended his efforts towards producing and mentoring other metal bands from all around the world. What I especially like about Danny is that he puts a great deal of passion and effort into mentoring an artist on an individual basis – no cookie cut service here, he really goes above and beyond. What a guy to have on your team! It was such a pleasure to get to sit down and have this conversation with Danny, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did ❤️

Check out Oversense here

And Sunway Studios here

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:04 – Meet Danny

03:00 – Describing Oversense’s sound

09:05 – The Process on and off stage

24:12 – Danny’s musical journey

40:43 – Artist that made an impact

54:05 – Sunway Studios

57:41 – Being remote

1:02:37 – Projects as a producer

1:21:47 – Music mentoring

1:26:42 – How to collaborate and connect

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