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On this episode I am joined by my wonderful wife and partner in crime, Mrs. Maria Rogers. Maria is a multi-faceted creator, with a primary focus in music as a singer/songwriter. But chances are that you more likely know her as the alter ego of Yarimā, one of the pioneering artists from the LovAnaverse Music Universe. Since 2018 Maria and I have been working together to bring Love Anarchy & LovAnaverse to life, as well as a number of projects along the way. Maria’s diverse talents & creative energy has been vital to the process and her work with Yarimā especially has done wonders to connect with people from all around the world. In more recent times, Maria has taken a step back from the spotlight to focus on her journey as a mother, as well as exploring other interests and projects that she feels drawn to. But finally, we were able to sit down and get real over this conversation for the podcast, so that you can get a deeper insight into our journey and see for yourselves the truly wonderful person that she is ❤️

You can check out Maria’s website here

And Yarimā’s links here

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:35 – Meet Maria

11:02 – Maria’s Story

26:16 – When William Met Maria

29:58 – Life

35:27 – Yarimā

1:01:05 – Big Shifts

1:12:44 – Songwriting

1:25:51 – Living Extremes

1:27:07 – Music Production

1:28:06 – Interests Outside Of Music

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