Podcast E23

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On this episode I am joined by Swedish Vocal Maestro David Åkesson, an esteemed music teacher both in academia and as a private mentor to many of Metal’s greatest vocalists. He has also appeared on over 25 phenomenal metal albums, specializing in creating backing vocals and choir arrangements in which he is able to sing the entire range. David, therefore, has a great amount of wisdom and experience to share with us and I feel privileged to have gotten to sit down with him to discuss it all. There are so many inspirational take away’s from this one, it’s really an insightful and informative episode. If you’re a vocalist yourself, then it’s a must listen, as David shares some of his best knowledge and experience on the matter. He also takes us through his process for arranging and recording, which as a producer/composer was deeply insightful for me! We get deep at times, discussing mindset, legacy, & stoic philosophy. All in all it made for a rather impactful conversation that gave me a lot to think about. I hope it will provide you with a similar moving experience too ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:09 – Meet David

02:03 – Projects

11:33 – David’s musical journey

23:20 – An impressive legacy!

24:43 – Working in the industry

32:52 – Vocal recording workflows

40:49 – Wisdom from teaching

52:06 – Intermission

52:16 – More teaching of a teacher

59:35 – Vulnerabilities of vocals

1:05:10 – Procrastination

1:08:03 – Can anyone sing?

1:17:31 – Final thoughts and advice

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