Podcast E22

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On this podcast episode I am joined by the viking Swede Mr. Gustaf Hammarin, hailing from Gothenburg with his Industrial Thrash Metal band ‘Mindistry’. Gustaf is a great guy and a hell of a character that has already been making a meaningful impact on the Love Anarchy Community & Collective. As the sole member of Mindistry, Gustaf released his debut album ‘Katastroftankar’ in 2022 with Swedish lyrics. He is currently working on a re-release in English & has tonnes of material in pre-production for future albums. As well as his official releases, Gustaf posts many fun musical clips on social media, including metal versions of famous songs and theme tunes from movies and series. He’s a super approachable guy and very fun to chat to, so I recommend giving Mindistry a follow on Instagram and sending him a message! In the meantime, check out this discussion, where we covered everything from Gustaf’s music & process to pop culture, life, & experiences with mental health. Note that this warrior is not for the faint hearted – but beneath his tough exterior is a heart of gold! I hope you enjoy our chat ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:50 – Meet Gustaf

05:52 – Re-releasing In English

17:06 – LOTR Religious Experience

28:12 – What inspires Gustaf?

38:17 – William attempts to speak Swedish

40:20 – Song Challenges

46:18 – Mental Health

49:59 – Talking about the album

50:40 – Staying Unique

52:40 – Talking Tanks

55:08 – Who did it first?

57:43 – Live Shows

59:25 – Musical Journey

1:13:43 – The DIY Approach

1:24:54 – Bringing People Closer

1:30:36 – Lessons

1:32:58 – The LovAnaverse

1:43:10 – Follow Mindistry!

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