E21 James Delbridge

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On this episode I am joined by Frontman of Canadian Power Metal Band Lycanthro, James Delbridge. James is a charismatic young man with a powerful voice, paired with killer guitar and songwriting abilities to boot. His rising presence in the grassroots metal community can be felt through the growth of his Wolven Metal band Lycanthro, who as well as releasing classic thrashy power metal anthems host a live-chat series on Instagram called ‘Wolfpack Live’. The show takes on a rather similar format to this one and James makes for an engaging host, getting to meet and chat with a diverse range and talents from all across the metal scene. I find James’ energy to be inspirational and am very confident in his ability to succeed. Therefore, it was an absolute pleasure to get to chat with him on this show, to unpack the different elements of all that he does and get some excellent advice on how to navigate your way through such a community. We also touch base on other projects James has been involved with, such as his work as a film composer & his appearance in Gideon Ricardo’s Woods of Wonders The Metal Opera. This was a lot of fun and there is a lot of great nuggets to take away from this one. I hope you enjoy checking it out! ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

00:45 – Meet James

02:08 – All About James

03:37 – Who Are Lycanthro?

16:19 – Becoming More ‘Pro”

19:31 – The Production Process

23:56 – Pale Rider BTS

25:12 – Evolving As A Band

31:42 – Play The Right Shows For You

34:46 – Lessons Learned

44:17 – You Have To Want It!

46:49 – Networking

51:24 – Observations On Promoting Differences

58:32 – Influences

1:08:38 – Finding The Balance

1:09:17 – The Swedes

1:14:10 – Operatic Metal

1:16:10 – Playing An Elf

1:18:50 – More Networking Opportunities

1:22:01 – New Collaborations

1:29:18 – Workflows

1:38:10 – Handling Criticism

1:40:00 – Creating A Song

1:56:06 – What’s Next?

2:02:01 – Scoring Music For Film

2:17:41 Closing Sentiments

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