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On this episode I am joined by classic metal head Spike Francis, a singer, songwriter & guitarist bringing to life all things metal in his animated musical web-series project: Spike’s Guitar Camp. Spike gives us an extra special treat, sitting down with me in full face paint from the cockpit of his flying V spaceship. You certainly don’t see that every day! We had such a fun conversation about all aspects of Spike’s past, present & future – the former of which was spent as a legit rock star, playing guitar for the legendary Dee Snider in the 90s, as well as having his band managed by Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. Spike’s experience has taught him a lot about life & the music industry and it’s given him a lot of unique perspectives on the world. It’s a real pleasure to have Spike share that with us and this episode was a hell of a lot of fun to record! I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation just as much ❤️

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00:33 – Introduction & Synopsis

01:08 – Spike’s Guitar Camp

03:37 – What Motivates Spike?

07:20 – Leaving Mercenary Behind

12:32 – Tele Talk

13:00 – Playing With The Stars

15:53 – Life On The Road

17:00 – Short Form Content

18:26 – The Modern Music Scene

24:50 – New DIrections

33:50 – Live From A Spaceship

35:19 – Spike’s Image

36:34 – Spike’s Influences

43:44 – Spike Describes His Sound

50:05 – Touring

51:48 – Writing Influences

53:25 – Tim Henson

55:00 – Guitars With More Than 6 Strings

1:03:39 – Heading To YouTube

1:05:42 – Guitar Talk

1:08:46 – The Curse Of The Endorsement

1:12:27 – New Bands

1:20:36 – Advice For New Musicians

1:27:24 – The Problem With Oversaturation

1:30:22 – Cartoon Narratives

1:34:41 – Re-Visiting The Classics

1:37:23 – Career Highlights

1:52:46 – Kiss

2:03:50 – Final Remarks

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