Creating A Universe Podcast E2

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In this second episode of the podcast, I talk to my good friend and long time collaborator Toby Cozens about our journey as a band with Flavour Nurse. Topics and timestamps can be found below.  

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis 
01:39 How Flavour Nurse began 
04:19 Toby’s first bass 
06:22 Writing our first songs 
08:21 The 2015 era – partying in the slums 
10:43 Recording our first demos 
13:16 Searching for members / Not wanting to sing 
18:03 The 2016 era – living together & focusing on music 
19:03 Our crude home recording setup 
19:57 Starting to produce our own music 
23:32 Getting our first full lineup together 
25:23 Our first rehearsals 
27:00 Our first gig 
29:06 Early concept development 
32:42 The 2017 era – new place, non stop party & gigging momentum 
35:28 Solidifying the lineup 39:18 Oscars drum audition tape 
41:30 Oscars insane style & destructive force 
45:55 Lots of gigging 
46:35 Founding Love Anarchy 
50:00 Grundle Bumfist 
52:20 Creating LovAnaverse 
53:30 Flavour Nurse look & show 
57:12 The 2018 era – refining & recording our first single 
58:47 Anthony’s production skills and impact on the band 
01:04:29 Starting to record an album with Bogdan 
01:07:35 How the band began to unravel 
01:13:13 Toby’s advice for bands playing gigs on the local scene 
01:16:51 Changing direction for Flavour Nurse 
01:20:26 Realising I needed to become a producer 
01:24:34 Flavour Nurse retiring from stage & entering hiatus 
01:27:45 Finishing the Flavour Nurse album 
01:29:50 Making the Majesty music video 
01:32:52 Finally releasing our work in 2021 
01:34:00 Reflecting on the journey & Closing sentiments 

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