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On this episode I am joined by multi-talented minimalist Brit, Theo Watts, who joins me from his base in Brighton, on the South Coast of the UK. Theo is a fascinating individual who spends much of his time working as a session musician, performing functions & depping gigs across a wide range of instruments & genres. He also writes & produces his own original music, as well as taking a hands on role in the projects of others. Although, despite his phenomenal talent in music, it does not end there! Theo’s first love was in film, where he’s nurtured a passion for cinematography from a young age. He has a wonderful cinematic style to his content & applies this to the music community by producing wonderful videos for upcoming artists. Featured among the range of those Theo works with is Archie Caine, a fantastic Symphonic Metal singer who also featured in Gideon Ricardo’s Woods of Wonders Opera. But today the focus is on Archie’s multi-faceted drummer, Theo – who balances an ever growing stack of talents with a minimalistic approach to life. Does that sound like a paradox to you? You’ll have to listen to find out how this rather intriguing individual works! And no doubt there will be some valuable takeaways for you. Enjoy ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:19 Overview of what Theo does

2:15 How Theo got into Film & Music

5:00 Discussing Film & Theo’s background in it

11:12 Theo’s move to Brighton

12:30 Theo’s musical journey

20:20 Overview of Theo’s work & releases

31:37 Different genres & Imposter syndrome

39:11 Learning Sax, new instruments & alternate pitching

48:54 Minimalism – lifestyle, mindset & creativity

1:11:00 How we met mutual friends & connections

1:15:17 Working with Archie Caine / their gig with Stefani Keogh

1:24:03 The upcoming Prog band Azure

1:27:16 What Theo is working on now / goals for the future

1:31:19 Mental health of musicians & artists

1:42:11 Where to find Theo / Closing sentiments


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