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On this episode I am joined by experimental US metal trumpeter, Mr. John Heckathorn. John is a rather intriguing individual with interesting thoughts and philosophy. This is profoundly reflected in his somewhat avant garde musical style, which fuses Progressive Metal with Classical & Jazz Trumpet. It’s safe to say that I certainly hadn’t heard anything quite like John’s music prior to listening to Antediluvian Projekt and I thoroughly recommend everyone to check it out – even if it’s just to see what you think of this very unusual musical style! John has an album and an EP out with Antediluvian Projekt with plenty more to come. Here I got to chat with him all about it, from his background, to his process, to his philosophy – and so much more! I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did having this conversation ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:02 Overview of John & Antediluvian Projekt

02:08 John’s musical journey / style & influences

13:20 Trumpet, Classical & Jazz

19:47 Antediluvian Projekt releases & progression

25:33 The Antediluvian concept, story & philosophy

31:07 The Trumpet as the hero / Star Wars soundtrack

36:57 Music production & mixing

42:45 Discussion on AI technology (art, music & beyond)

54:34 Return to production & mixing / live drums & programmed guitars

1:08:31 Playing drums & discussing social media content

1:12:14 Discussion about the philosophy & approach of music

1:21:41 Singles vs albums & lessons from releasing music

1:35:47 John’s ultimate vision / film making & technology

1:43:10 What’s next / where to find John / closing sentiments

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