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On this episode I am joined by Galactic metal-head Luke Robinson, a British solo artist creating a mind-boggling blend of Symphonic Melodic Death Metal, with elements of Power Metal & Sci-fi added in for an all-in-all bombastic cinematic experience. Just my kind of thing! What’s cool is that Luke and I both live in parts of Yorkshire in the UK, so he’s by far the Geographically closest guest I’ve had on the podcast so far! Being a similar age and from a similar background, we have a great deal in common, from our memories of getting into music all the way to our big interests and what we’re creating now. I had a lot of fun getting to chat with Luke about it, as well as all the ins and outs of his project and process. Be sure to check out FInal Blast, as Luke has just released an incredible album & EP back to back! It’ll make for the perfect companion to this episode ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

00:58 Overview of Luke & Final Blast

08:43 The Final Blast Sound

13:29 How Luke got into music

22:00 Luke’s biggest musical influences

23:53 Movie & video game soundtracks

28:30 The concept behind Final Blast music

32:32 The collaborators on Final Blast

42:18 Mixing & music production

1:00:46 Luke’s writing process

1:09:03 The new album & EP

1:19:15 Music videos / Advice for musicians

1:26:24 Discussion on the Swedish band Ghost

1:42:27 Yorkshire life & metal bands

1:46:00 What’s next for Luke & Final Blast

1:50:23 Closing sentiments

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