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On this episode I am joined metal maestro Oha Cade, mastermind behind the Valcata collective. Originally from Ireland, Oha now coordinates the creation of his Progressive Symphonic masterpieces from his home in New York, working remotely with an incredible cast of musicians and singers. We join Oha at an exciting time, straight off the back of the release of the new Valcata single ‘Paralyzed’, featuring Stefani Keogh & Marcos L. Peñate on dual vocal duties. This astonishing new track follows 2021 single ‘Tower’ & 2019 debut album ‘Valcata’ – a sci-fi metal opera in which fans of Ayreon will delight. I really enjoyed getting to sit down and chat with Oha, we got to talk lots of exciting topics, from musical theatre to the ins and outs of how he runs his project. I really hope you find something of value in this conversation, I know I did! ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:09 Overview of Oha & Valcata

02:58 How Valcata Started

05:50 The debut metal opera album released in 2019

14:43 Oha’s journey as a vocalist

18:33 Discussion on musical theatre & Oha’s main influences

31:46 Discussion on classical music & opera

40:52 Oha’s musical journey from getting started to Valcata

50:30 Oha’s move to New York & what the family think of his music

55:22 The Valcata writing & production process

1:11:37 The 2021 Valcata single ‘Tower’ & Jacob Hansen’s mixing

1:16:57 The brand new single ‘Paralyzed’ / Stefani & Marcos

1:25:30 What’s next for Valcata

1:34:14 Oha’s writing & production services

1:35:37 Closing sentiments

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