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On this episode of the podcast I am joined by Vampyric Gothic Metal artist Laura Vargas, otherwise known as The Inferno Doll. Laura is wonderfully talented vocalist and performance artist originally from Chile, now based in Canada. Her love for all things dark and vampyric manifest creatively into her solo project The Inferno Doll, brought to life through her debut album Dollmination (2015), the EP Sacrifice (2020) and the music videos that accompany them. We get to hear from Laura at an exciting time, as the brand new single ‘Renfield’ from her upcoming album has just been released. This new material promises to be her most vampire inspired yet, based primarily on the definitive literature of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was an absolute pleasure to get to chat with Laura about her fantastic music, her fascinating background, and of course… All things vampires! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:32 Overview of Laura & The Inferno Doll

02:22 Vampire inspiration & how the song ‘Renfield’ came to be

06:55 How the concept & stories around The Inferno Doll have evolved over time

12:45 The progress of the upcoming album

15:05 The recent Lacuna Coil cover with Sam Astaroth & Cody Johnstone

16:12 Deep dive into discussing vampires

26:09 Laura’s musical style & influences

34:37 The writing & production process for The Inferno Doll

40:26 How Laura would like to approach live music

42:40 Laura’s international fan base & community

46:27 Laura’s theatrical flair & The Inferno Doll music videos

58:02 Laura’s musical journey & past with the band ‘Sacramento’

01:05:00 Laura’s position on touring & friendship with like-minded musicians

01:06:32 Eve’s Apple – An ex-community of female metal singers

01:11:20 Summary of Laura’s discography

01:13:52 Laura’s message to listeners & closing sentiments

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