E14: Nathan Gross

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On this episode of the podcast, I get to chat with symphonic metal maestro Nathan Gross from Ontario, Canada. Nathan is a wonderfully talented composer, producer & keyboard wizard who contributes to many fantastic projects – most prominently Age of Athena, Haven Dream & Blood of Indigo. Of course I already had the pleasure of speaking to Alex Centorame from Blood of Indigo just a few episodes ago, which was a particularly great episode. So to now get Nathan’s perspective, as well as hear about his personal story and all the other amazing projects he works on was a real treat. We especially got in depth later on about composing & music production, so for anyone interested in those topics – this episode is for you! Anyway, I loved getting this chance to hang out with Nathan and I hope you enjoy listening to our chat ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis

01:06 Overview of Nathan & the projects he’s involved in

12:10 Pushing musical boundaries / staying creative

14:50 The metal scene in Ontario

17:17 Alina / Snowmaiden & their project Haven Dream 3

34:35 Producing & mixing symphonic metal

46:35 Segue into Blood of Indigo & composing the orchestral suite ‘Memesis’

52:20 Nathan’s first band Age of Athena & their debut album

1:02:09 Return to music production & mixing (from a modern composers perspective)

1:25:50 Ambient music, soundscapes, automation & soundtracks for film

1:55:53 What’s next for Nathan / Haven Dream’s upcoming album about mental health

2:05:26 Nathan’s music services under Studio Grandiose

2:08:33 Classical music & Improvisation

2:14:24 Closing sentiments

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