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On this episode I am joined by Gideon Ricardo, the Dutch mastermind composer behind Woods Of Wonders The Metal Opera. Gideon is a lovely guy and very humble, especially considering the huge scale of the project he’s working with. The debut album ‘Lost’ has just been released and features over 30 guests! From underground stars in the making to metal legends – the album boasts a truly remarkable cast. I get to sit down with Gideon and discuss how him and his fiance Charlaine put this whole thing together – as well as their goals for supporting artists and making family friendly metal that children can enjoy. It was a pleasure to chat with Gideon and also get to help with releasing his debut outing ‘Lost’ via Love Anarchy Records. I hope that you enjoy listening to both to the album and this podcast ❤️

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
00:57 Overview of Gideon & Woods Of Wonders
02:32 How the project started
04:13 The process for getting the guests
06:14 Incorporating story & dialogue
08:10 Composing the opera & managing the roles
09:55 Discussing the sheer amount of guests
11:28 Gideon’s passion for finding lesser known artists
13:37 The Woods Of Wonders story / family friendly metal
18:00 Gideon’s musical journey
26:38 How David Akesson convinced Gideon to sing
29:05 The role that Gideon’s fiance Charlaine plays
31:10 Gideon’s musical inspirations
38:00 The prospect of doing a live show
39:37 What’s next for Gideon & Woods Of Wonders
41:02 Final thoughts

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