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On this episode I am joined by French Guitarist & Composer Louis Nas, someone who I am honoured to call a dear friend since meeting around the release of ‘The Outsider’ EP – from his H.P. Lovecraft inspired instrumental metal project Ominous Conclusions. It was clear to me the moment I came across Louis that he was just my kind of person and after reaching out to express my admiration, we instantly hit it off and became friends. Louis is a remarkable composer & musician who is so dedicated to his craft, it’s really been an inspiration to get to know him and I have been anticipating this episode since the very beginning! Now we finally managed to get together to record it and it made for such an enjoyable episode. We talked music & composing, as a means of storytelling – as well some expert theory advice like that Louis shares on his educational YouTube channel. We also spoke about life, daily routines & the continuous pursuit of bettering ourselves. It was a real treat speaking to Louis and I hope that you enjoy listening to it too ❤️

You can find all of Louis’ links related to Ominous Conclusions here & check out his instructional YouTube Channel here.

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:55 Overview of Louis & what he does
03:30 The Outsider EP & how we met
07:50 Louis approach to composing & his inspirations / H.P. Lovecraft
21:00 Community among musicians / finding your tribe online
34:40 Where Louis lives in France & his connection to nature
41:46 Louis’ routine / discipline & following your own rhythm
58:50 Ear training masterclass / Louis instructional content
1:07:30 Music theory & guitar practice
1:17:24 Priorities, time management & comparing yourself to others 0
1:38:50 Ominous Conclusions music & what’s next
1:44:44 The concept of the upcoming track ‘Time’
1:52:23 Closing sentiments

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