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On this episode I’m joined by Erik Rayne, frontman of the Progressive Metal band Tales of Arken. Hailing from Spain, the band refer to themselves as ‘Clockwork Metal’, due to the inclusion of steam punk themes and aesthetics to their music. Erik is a passionate guy that has been working hard on his music for a long time. Having now solidified a fantastic line up with Tales Of Arken, the band are on the up, with an album and EP behind them and lots to more to come. They recently released an absolutely killer new single ‘Allegory’ from their next album and are creating some wonderful music videos to tell the story. I really enjoyed getting to chat with Erik all about it. I hope you enjoy listening to it too!

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:09 Overview of Tales Of Arken & Clockwork Metal
05:17 How the Steampunk aesthetic came into being
08:18 Vocals – How all 4 members sing + Erik’s training in opera
14:22 How Erik got into music and his journey up until the band
19:30 Reflecting on the years, discussing processes & influences
28:05 The production process for Tales Of Arken
32:25 Hale & Ale joining Erik & Billy to complete the line-up
43:47 Creating the Nautilus EP and how the band evolved
54:40 Concepts, stories & themes for the bands music
57:08 The new single ‘Allegory’ & the upcoming album
58:58 How the band make their own music videos
1:02:20 The frustration with trying to get heard as a new band
1:05:30 Returning briefly to music videos & the next album
1:07:45 The bands relationship with playing live
1:09:12 Managing expectations / learning from experience
1:20:15 Creating community & making meaningful connections
1:31:18 The difficulty with being a Spanish band that sings in English
1:46:30 Finding your audience / summary & closing thoughts

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