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On this episode of Creating A Universe, I get to talk to Alex from Blood of Indigo about all things Dark Fantasy Metal. It’s a very exciting time for the band, who are coming in hot off the back of the release of their debut album ‘Dawn of the Shaded World’. I’ve been following the band for a while and must say I’ve been blown away by all they’ve been doing, with all the fantastic illustration & world building, as well as absolutely stellar album – it’s safe to say that Blood of Indigo is right up my street. The guy’s in the band are really great and so to chat with Alex was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We went into great depth about their story and all that they’re doing, but also spoke a lot about the music industry, as well as some more philosophical takes on it all. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it!

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00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
01:15 Overview of Alex & Blood of Indigo / The bands inspirations
06:05 How Alex went from radio host to metal vocalist
20:00 How Blood of Indigo formed & the roles each of them play / Discussing Memesis
34:25 Reflecting on the process of the album & the philosophical meaning of it all
41:38 Storytelling / Blood of Indigo concept & lore
01:00:39 Returning to philosophy & the process / Fans & Community
01:12:58 The bands plans moving forwards / Playing live
01:26:31 Alex’s thank you’s / Working with illustrator Loren Tyr
01:36:21 The Dark Fantasy Metal Championship Wrestling Belts

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