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How to start creating in the LovAnaverse Music Universe

Creators – Welcome to the LovAnaverse! A music universe project unlike anything seen before, where you can bring your unique character to life and collaborate with other creators to craft otherworldly experiences through musical storytelling. Whether you’re a musician, a writer, or an artist, the LovAnaverse is the perfect platform for you to push your creativity to the edge and bring your ideas to life.

Join the LovAnaverse

To begin your journey of musical storytelling in our collaborative fictional universe, please submit the form below, or send an email to info [@] loveanarchy []. We encourage you to reach out and get the process started, even if that is just to express your interest and ask questions about how you can get involved. However, for best results, a complete proposal should include the following:


Q: Do I have to pay anything to be involved in LovAnaverse?

No, nothing at all. Love Anarchy facilitates turning your idea into a finished product and then earns on its split from distributing the work. All LovAnaverse projects have an automatic record deal with Love Anarchy Records.

Q: Do I get paid for being involved in LovAnaverse?

Yes, you get paid via your royalty split of everything you’ve been involved in. The more popular your work, the more you’ll get to earn, and opportunities such as inclusion in collected editions (albums) provide the chance to earn a lot more.

Once we establish more of a cash reserve, advances may be possible, but in the meantime - as this is a community run project, we would like to prioritize creators who believe in the vision and are happy to work for an investment instead of upfront payment. In some cases, an upfront session fee may be possible or preferable, but this will come at the cost of investment in the royalty split.

Q: I have questions/feedback. What should I do?

If these are questions or feedback which you think would be mutually beneficial to discuss with other members of the collective and prospective LovAnaverse creators, please bring it up in the collective-chat channel on Discord. Otherwise, if you’d rather keep it private, please email

Q: What is the LovAnaverse Story?

The key thing to know about LovAnaverse is that music is essentially magic. All different civilizations have their own interpretations of it, reflected in their cultural traditions. It flows through all living beings and can be channeled in many different ways - and at a time when alien civilizations have begun to co-exist together, music is a universal language.

The story focuses around a vast galaxy known as ‘The Celestial Sea’, which is broken down into three galactic regions. The Inner Rim: home to the Celestial Democracy & mainstream civilization, The Mid Rim: encompassing an endless array of alien worlds, & The Outer Rim: known as ‘the old worlds’ - this is a fantasy setting generally obscured from mainstream civilization. 

The overarching theme is dystopian sci-fi, as the corruption of the Celestial Democracy is causing a sinister imbalance throughout the galaxy. Revolutionaries from the mystical worlds of the Outer-rim are secretly infiltrating inter-galactic society to awaken champions of different worlds, to raise the vibration of the LovAnaverse through the magic of music. 

But overarching themes aside, the galaxy is vast enough to adapt more or less any story in any genre and style. Your ideas may fit very well into one of our existing worlds or plot points, or we can create entirely new ones, as we build out the universe together. Our stories will travel all across time and space and there are many ways we can adapt for you to find yourself in new environments as a creator.

We are working on a proper presentation of all LovAnaverse story, lore, music & content through the main LovAnaverse platform. This is a big project though, so bare with us, we hope to get that together soon!

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