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Introduction to Love Anarchy

The definitive guide to who we are, what we do, & how to get involved

Love Anarchy is a community & collective of artists & creatives coming together to revolutionize the industries of music, art & entertainment. A grassroots movement connecting creators & enthusiasts from across the world in a counter-culture revolution. Our primary focus is on musical storytelling, providing a platform in which artists are empowered to succeed in their creative endeavors, as well as collaborate together in our groundbreaking music universe project: LovAnaverse.

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The Philosophy

Before we fully delve in to what we do, and exactly how we do it, it’s important that we start with why. The meaning of Love Anarchy, and the purpose behind it all.

The poetic speech in this section will detail the Love Anarchy Philosophy, which represents our core values that connect us all.

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The Vision

The creative industries have long struggled with a lack of connection and support for the artists we love. Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by empowering both the creators & enthusiasts, bringing them closer together than ever before.

That is why we formed Love Anarchy Co. The Co. stands not just for Company, but for Community & Collective. The Company simply provides a means of dealing with administration. It is the Community. The Collective. That provides the real value.

In this section we will break down the 4 key areas of what we do. The Community, Collective, Company & of course… The LovAnaverse Music Universe.

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The Way

So now you’ve learned about who we are and what we do. The question next then, is how does this whole thing work – and how exactly do I get involved?

In this section, I will break down an overview of The Love Anarchy Way, so that you may start creating & experiencing the art of your dreams and get stuck right in to the Community today!

Join the Revolution

Once you have processed the 3 key topics, please review our code of conduct. Then, if you believe that you have what it takes to become a Love Anarchist, click the button below to sign up for a free account now.


Q: How does Love Anarchy work?

At its core, Love Anarchy is a community based around its content channels, Love Anarchy & LovAnaverse. We feature releases & content from across the Love Anarchy Collective on our main channel - whilst collaborating together to tell musical stories on our parallel channel: LovAnaverse. 

Each channel has its own website, newsletter & social media channels, including: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter. Love Anarchy can be found at: & @LoveAnarchyCo on socials. LovAnaverse is & @LovAnaverse.

You can think of Love Anarchy as a community of communities. Whilst every individual artist has their own community of friends, fans & followers - Love Anarchy represents our coming together as an extended family. The members of our Collective are the artists & industry professionals whose content we feature, whilst the Community represents our combined pool of connections & enthusiasts.

Therefore, creating and sharing great music, art & experiences is the main thing that we do - with a focus on championing up and coming artists, offering them a platform to be discovered. We are committed to accommodating a closer connection than ever before between creators & enthusiasts via our community - empowering each individual to have a valuable contribution to the higher cause.

The LovAnaverse (Love Anarchy Universe) is a collaborative fictional setting created by our Collective of creators and driven by the engagement of our Community. Think of it like the Marvel Universe, but with Rockstars instead of Superheroes. It is an in-house franchise at Love Anarchy, marketed & distributed by our label, Love Anarchy Records.

As we build out our platform, we are looking to include features such as our own social media marketplace (think MySpace + Bandcamp) - as well as a comprehensive suite of tools & resources to support creators, including; our business management software ‘Creative Entrepreneur’, our production toolkit ‘Enhanced Creator’, and our education centre ‘Love Anarchy Academy’.

As a Community driven project - your voice counts. So make sure to sign up and come get involved in the Discord to help decide our direction and drive towards our goals together.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Community?

Joining the Love Anarchy Community provides a unique music discovery experience that allows you to explore new and exciting sounds from our curated selection of artists, as well as the otherworldly stories of the LovAnaverse Music Universe. 

You'll be able to directly connect with the artists, as well as other Love Anarchists, via our Community hub on Discord - as well as contribute in driving the narrative through gamified interactive experiences.

By joining our Community, you'll be part of a vibrant and passionate group of alternative music lovers who share your enthusiasm for discovering and supporting new talent.

Your voice matters and your favourite creators need your support. Get them involved and cheer them on - encourage others to get behind them and unlock more opportunities for them in Love Anarchy.

You have the power. And together we are stronger.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Collective?

The Love Anarchy Collective is a carefully curated group of talented and dedicated creators that we proudly promote and support. As well as gaining the perks of the Community, Collective members also receive a range of benefits as highlighted below.

Through the Collective, you'll gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities to showcase your work and collaborate with other artists. We provide promotional support, connect you with music industry professionals, and offer production resources to help you bring your vision to life.

As a member of the Collective, you'll have priority consideration for Love Anarchy's promotional efforts, including social media features, interviews, tools & resources. Simply email us your promotions at or tag us on social media @LoveAnarchyCo to get featured.

You'll also be part of a supportive network of like-minded artists & industry professionals who share your passion for creating music & art that challenges the norm. Collaborate, grow and learn with other creators from around the world, and help us shape the future of the creative industries. 

Take part in revenue generating opportunities, trade services, and get tailored support and advice in all aspects of your personal, professional & creative journey. Collective status unlocks an exclusive area of channels within our Discord server, where you can discuss all such matters and more.

And of course, as a Collective member, you will have access to create using the LovAnaverse franchise. Collaborate on new characters, worlds, & musical stories with the backing of our in-house record label - providing everything that you need to turn dreams into reality.

With Love Anarchy, you're not just another artist in the crowd. You're part of a movement, a force for change in the creative industries. Joining the Collective is a chance to connect with like-minded creatives, grow your skills, and take your creative career to the next level. 

So join us, and let's create something truly special together.

Q: What costs and responsibilities are involved in joining?

There are no costs or responsibilities required to join either the Community or the Collective.

Love Anarchy is free to join and without any obligation to get involved. We work on the general principle that the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

So if you’d like to dip your toe in to start, you’re more than welcome to sign up, join the Discord, and lurk there ‘til your heart's content.

We hope to make it easy for you and will always be happy to help you get started. But if you just want to nose around to start, that’s no problem at all.

We want to create an abundant environment that gives more than it takes, so there’s really no pressure at all. Of course you’re very much welcome and encouraged to jump right in though, if you feel like it!

A premium membership plan will also be available with enhanced access to the platform, but there is no requirement to purchase this whatsoever. Our core functions are free and there are no hidden costs.

Q: What branches of the platform are there?

There are a range of branches to our platform, each in varying stages of development. Below is a list of several key aspects to what we’re building:

Love Anarchy Co. (LA) - Company, Community & Collective. The entity that encompasses the platform.

Love Anarchy Network (LAN) - Social Media Platform. This is currently made up of a basic Love Anarchy profile & interaction on our Discord server. Members may use it to manage their account & communicate with one another. It will evolve into having full fledged social media functionality and be like a mix of MySpace + Bandcamp + Bandmix + SoundBetter - with the ability to integrate other platforms for content.

Love Anarchy Broadcasting (LAB) - Entertainment & Promotional Media Channels. Social Media, Blog, Newsletter, Podcast. Collective members can get their projects & releases promoted across our media network. Simply email with news & tag @loveanarchyco in stories & posts across social media.

Love Anarchy Entrepreneur (LAE) - Business & Marketing Software. A comprehensive suite of tools providing everything you need to run a successful online business. Including: Website builder, funnels, email marketing, ecommerce, social media management & much more.

Love Anarchy Academy (LAA) - Educational Content. Online courses & teachings on a range of topics, including a flagship course on building an online music business, & how to get the most out of the various aspects of our platform.

Love Anarchy Studios/Services (LAS) - Mentorship, Production, Marketing, Design, & more. Send an email with your needs to & be provided a bespoke solution from across our Collective. Similarly members may let us know services they are able to provide & we will recommend them where appropriate.

Love Anarchy Marketplace (LAM) - Online Marketplace built into accounts. Trade products & services across the Community & Collective via your Love Anarchy account. Think like Bandcamp + Upwork, built into a social media type experience.

Love Anarchy Records (LAR) - Music & Merchandise Distribution. A label service which does not require selling any of your rights or committing to a specific term. Get the benefits of a label without any of the drawbacks. Have us take care of your manufacturing & distribution.

Love Anarchy Universe (LAU) - LovAnaverse Music Universe. Our unique collaborative franchise, where you may collaborate with Love Anarchy & the Collective to create ‘in-universe’ musical stories that are all connected together by the continuity of this fictional setting. All releases come with an automatic record deal to Love Anarchy Records & will be released & promoted through the LovAnaverse channels (as well as regular channels, including Love Anarchy & your own). We help you fill all the gaps to create a finished product & a successful campaign. Collaborators earn points on the royalty split, opening up a new revenue stream from LovAnaverse music, merch, publishing & more.

Love Anarchy Creator (LAC) - A suite of tools to assist in the creative/production process with a focus on AI technology, including text & image generators that have been trained on all LovAnaverse content. Create stories in line with the lore with your AI assistant - as well as all kinds of content for your projects (LovAnaverse & Independent) including: music videos, album art, concept art, promotional graphics, blog posts, social media posts, marketing copy, story, music, lyrics & so much more. This will eventually expand into making full movies, video games & metaverse experiences.

Q: Can I get more help understanding this?

Absolutely. Please send an email to with any questions or queries that you have. Or better yet, sign up & join our Discord - where people will be more than happy to help you get adjusted.

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