Print On Demand

Electro Pop Rock Singer Songwriter ‘Arron Sans’ Announces Debut Album


Print On Demand - Out August 19th 2022

Print On Demand

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London based singer songwriter Arron Sans has announced the release of his long awaited debut album, Print On Demand. 

The album is a culmination of Arron’s journey from Rock N Roll frontman to an introspective artist, finding meaning in the world amidst a familiar, and yet refreshing Electro Pop Rock Sound – cultivating the likes of 80s classics such as Duran Duran, Talk Talk & Peter Gabriel, with a modern twist.

His energy boasts a larger than life ethos, whilst also bringing a humble and conscious presence to the themes within his songwriting, with the desire to make music that reflects who he is and how his story fits into the world around him. His imagination is as big as his heart and his desire burns as bright as the fire in his eyes.

But Arron Sans is more than just a solo project, encompassing the depth and sincerity of his character, contrasted with the humour and flair of his natural will to entertain…

It is also a lifestyle. A collaboration between Arron and his visual artist wife, Polina Belenchuk. Together they inspire each other, and those within their community to openly express themselves through creativity and connection.

Having been previously known for his work as a frontman in bands such as Panic Island, Call Me Animal and Freedom High, Arron decided to strip things back when he began this trajectory with Polina. 

The two of them have since championed a DIY approach, freely creating from their home and cultivating a welcoming community online, with content and discussion ranging from colourful shenanigans to tackling world issues.

Now, after years of building up to it… Arron’s debut album is finally here.

With music by Arron Sans and artwork by Polina Belenchuk, ‘Print On Demand’ is the ultimate manifestation of their work so far. Produced by Paul Tipler of Unit 13 Studios and released on the LA Earth Subsidiary of Love Anarchy Records.

The captivating new album ‘Print On Demand’ is out August 19th, 2022.

You can pre-save it and pre-order it now. Also be sure to follow Arron Sans & Belenchuk on social media and join the mailing list for free music and a closer connection…

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